Bowers & Wilkins launches the PX, the brand’s first wireless headphones with built-in noise cancellation.

State-of-the-art headphones that combine the best sound performance of products in their class with a revolutionary user experience and streaming Bluetooth aptX HD.

Barcelona, ​​Spain:  Bowers & Wilkins , the British speaker brand known for its high-performance audio components, announces the launch of the PX, its first wireless noise-canceling headphones. In addition to being the best-in-class product when it comes to sound quality, PXs intelligently respond to user behavior in order to provide an absolutely irreproachable intuitive listening experience.

PXs reflect Bowers & Wilkins’ uncompromising approach to acoustic performance, with each element of their design geared toward optimizing sound quality.

The PX’s transducers are derived from those used in Bowers & Wilkins’ reference headphones , the P9 Signature, and incorporate the same sloped design to provide a more compelling sound scene. The active noise canceling feature has been refined to provide optimal isolation without “squeezing” the music (a process that required thousands of hours of development and testing). PXs also use advanced aptX HD Bluetooth wireless transmission technology – which supports resolutions up to 24-bit / 48kHz – to play all kinds of digital content in the best possible sound.

Apart from its unrivaled features, the most outstanding aspect of the PX is perhaps the user experience they provide. The PX are Bowers & Wilkins ‘ first smart headphones , with built-in sensors that allow the listener to control in a completely intuitive way.

PXs work by responding intelligently to user behavior. Put them on and the headphones will immediately activate and resume playing your favorite music. Take them off and they will return to standby mode. Pick up a helmet to speak, or hang them around your neck and they’ll interrupt playback, resuming when you’re ready. A state-of-the-art battery provides up to 22 hours of listening in wireless noise cancellation mode or up to 33 hours in wired noise cancellation mode.

Alexander van der Heijden, CEO of Bowers & Wilkins Headphone Division , commented on the PX: “At Bowers & Wilkins we have always believed that the role of acoustic technology is to step aside, allowing music to take center stage. From Stage. PXs take this principle to the next level. We have not only created the most musical noise canceling headphones you have ever heard, but also headphones that are so cleverly designed and responsive that you should forget about wearing them. ”

In order to provide an optimal listening experience in different environments, the PX includes three adaptive noise cancellation modes that the user can select with a dedicated “app”. Thus, “City” allows you to hear traffic noise so that you can cross streets safely. “Office” lets voices pass so you can hear your colleagues when they want to talk to you. “Airplane” dramatically suppresses ambient noise from engines. The “app” also allows for firmware updates. luxury wireless headphones

The design of the PX respects the Bowers & Wilkins tradition of using only high-quality materials while offering a contemporary aesthetic feature. The headphones feature ergonomically designed elliptical ear cushions to maximize comfort and provide the best possible acoustic seal, while also featuring a soft leather-lined headband and helmets with an external ballistic nylon lining. PXs are available in Space Gray or Soft Gold etched aluminum finishes.

Acerca de Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkinses the British leader in manufacturing high-performance speakers and headphones. Since 1966, the company has built an unrivaled reputation for innovation and sound quality, winning countless awards and the backing of many of the world’s best music and recording studios. Bowers & Wilkins’ reputation is built on an unwavering pursuit of the best possible sound and an unsurpassed listening experience.

Press Note

The PX are available, from October 3, in Space Gray and Soft Gold finish at the recommended retail price of € 399