Pilot Initiative Brings Bang & Olufsen Classics to Life The first initiative is the 1972 Beogram 4000 series turntable. Designed by Jacob Jensen and part of the permanent collection of MOMA in New York.


Design that lasts over time

The pilot initiative that brings Bang & Olufsen classics back to life
“In our pilot project of the B&O classics, we are exploring Design for Longevity, which is one of the principles of the circular economy framework, with the aim of preserving the heritage and value of some of our most iconic products from previous decades. We know that people continue to use and display Bang & Olufsen products in their homes 25, 35 and even 45 years after they were created, which is quite unique in our industry, ”says Product Manager Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, who leads the Bang & Olufsen Classics pilot and continues:

“Exploring and understanding how to extend the life and relevance of audio products that people already appreciate helps us define evidence-based principles for emotional durability, long-lasting craftsmanship, obsolescence of connectivity and timeless design, lo which also has environmental benefits for our future products. ‘

The first product to be relaunched under the Classics initiative is the Beogram 4000 series turntable. The turntable was designed by Jacob Jensen in 1972, who wanted to create a turntable that was equal parts timeless and progressive in its technical performance while maintaining the Bang & Olufsen aesthetic. The result was an electronically controlled turntable, making record playback easier than ever and using the most advanced techniques: for example, the electronic tangential pickup arm, which when moved at right angles from the end of the record player always played the record. at the right angle – the one created in the factory – and which also made it more “dance-proof” than any other turntable on the market at the time.

Renovated, restored and recreated Bang & Olufsen has already begun to explore how to renew, restore and reinvent the Beogram 4000 series turntables, and the launch of this pilot initiative is expected in 2020. The original products have been identified, sent to the factory and the company’s laboratory in Struer, where they are carefully disassembled and manually inspected. What follows is a thorough renovation and restoration of the mobile mechanics and electronic parts to ensure that the product can integrate with current technology in a contemporary home.

According to product manager Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, the new turntables will have additional design elements that were not featured in the original Beogram 4000 series: “Every part of the renovation process is done by hand, so you can only imagine the level of craftsmanship and care of the details that each turntable has.

During this process, our engineers and designers came up with brilliant ideas that recreate some elements of the turntable, staying true to the original design intent. We can’t wait to share these details when the turntable is ready for its relaunch later this year. ”

Price and availability
The price and availability of the restored and recreated Beogram 4000 series turntables will be included in the official announcement. Turntables are expected to be released in limited quantities during 2020. For more information, follow the conversation at @bangolufsen on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using #BangOlufsen