Smart technology with perfect styling

Duravit’s focus is on comfort and added value for the user

As the world becomes ever more digital, innovative products that enhance the user’s comfort are also finding their way into the bathroom. This is the end product of a customer-focused research and development process that combines technology, functionality, and design in a meaningful way.

Individual mirror control
Gone are the days of users being dazzled by harsh light in front of the mirror. The mirrors from the Happy D.2 Plus and XViu series by sieger design offer practical control via icons on the mirror surface. Contactless operation of the illuminated symbols by “hovering” a finger over the desired icon (infra-red sensor): thanks to the universal symbols, operation is intuitive.

Aesthetically, the icons harmonize perfectly with the overall design of the mirror.
The LED lighting can be individually configured via the touchscreen. With a luminosity of up to 1000 lux, XViu allows continual adjustment of the light color from warm light at 2700 K to cold light at 6500 K. The integrated mirror heating, which keeps the mirror clear of fog at all times, is also controlled using the relevant icon.

The optional dual mirror sets from the Happy D.2 Plus series, also by sieger design, are a perfect blend of aesthetics and technology. Innovative wireless technology allows for synchronized adjustment of the settings for both mirrors. All technologies are subtly integrated within the mirror.

Mirrors from the White Tulip series are available in versions controlled by sensors or an app. The light temperature featuring a memory effect can be synchronized with other lamps connected in the living area and controlled via “Casambi”, an app that has established itself as a reference in smart homes control systems. This feature can be used to dim the mirrors and switch the mirror heating on and off.

Iconic design and hi-tech

The D.1 faucet range saw Duravit team up with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez to create an iconic design. With the D.1e electronic version, extra state-of-the-art technology has been integrated into the accentuated design for even greater operating comfort. This variant offers the highest comfort and safety thanks to a range of functions. The flat operating button with the integrated LED colored ring is easy and intuitive to operate. A light tap starts or stops the flow of water, and a turn to the left or right alters the water temperature from cold to warm. With the continuous color display from blue to red, the LED ring also provides visual feedback.

Up to three temperature values can be individually stored and directly activated via the “Quick Access” feature. An electronic thermostat integrated into the control unit reacts sensitively to any change to the cold and warm water flow, so that the required temperature is automatically adjusted and kept constant. Additionally, the scald protection is preset at 38 degrees Celsius.

D.1e features a range of presets that can be configured easily and individually, for instance temperature limitation, maximum water flow time, hygiene interval, thermal disinfection, color selection for the ambient lighting on the LED illuminated ring.

Intuitive operation for perfect hygiene
SensoWash® is a by-word for contemporary, gentle, and flawless hygiene. The SensoWash® Starck f shower-toilet is iconic and minimalistic in equal measure. The design of the new shower-toilet generation bears the hallmark of star designer Philippe Starck. His mission: to make the most natural form of cleansing – with water – accessible to a broad public, to subtly integrate technology into the design, and to guarantee the highest level of comfort.

Users’ individual requirements were taken into account during product development – for example, the option to adjust the intensity and position of the spray arm. This function and others are managed using an innovative remote control. While the “Lite” version impresses with its elegantly restrained look, the premium version, SensoWash® Starck f Plus, stands out thanks to its sophisticated, streamlined design. In addition to operation via remote control, on this model, functions such as the water and seat temperature can also be configured using the app. Five different user profiles can be set up. The customer-oriented app enables quick and easy operation and reflects the stylish design of the shower-toilet.

The flush function and odor extraction system may also be controlled via remote control or app if the wall-mounted element, itself perfectly harmonized for SensoWash® Starck f by Duravit, is combined with the A2 electronic actuator plate. An ideal example of how Duravit deploys digital technologies to enhance and maximize comfort.

Duravit AG
Founded in 1817 in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Duravit AG is today a leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms. The company is active in more than 130 countries worldwide and stands for innovation in the fields of signature design, comfort-enhancing technology and premium quality. In cooperation with an international network of high-profile designers such as Philippe Starck, sieger design, Christian Werner, Cecilie Manz and young talents such as Bertrand Lejoly and Kurt Merki Jr., the company develops unique bathrooms that enhance quality of life for users on a sustained basis. Duravit’s product portfolio comprises sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, wellness systems, shower-toilets, tap fittings and accessories as well as installation systems.

Smart bathroom technology

The bathroom is a very important room in the house that must always be in good condition and with impeccable hygiene, that is, it must be a place of comfort and well-being. Lately, to achieve all this, the trend to equip intelligence restrooms is growing. But what does this mean? A smart bathroom often has services controlled by a device and the number one product to satisfy this preference is SensoWash® .

Whether it’s SensoWash Slim or E – , there’s nothing more hygienic, more natural and refreshing than cleaning with water. SensoWash® represents a new program of washing seats that meets current demands for hygienic cleaning, great control comfort, good design and individuality

Smart Bathrooms – Smart bathroom technology by DURAVIT

Currently there are homes that already enjoy this type of technology that makes their bathrooms more functional as well as being decorated to the last detail, always using technological accessories to give it a unique and modern style. For example, the new Duravit mirrors   with three different light profiles: an indirect (ambient) light on all four sides, a light strip on the upper edge of the mirror or two side stripes, which provide optimal lighting.

Thanks to the modern LED technique in indirect (ambient) lighting, a blurred light effect is created on the wall. For this purpose, 4 light sources have been placed at the rear that provide uniform lighting on the wall around the mirror. Also in models with light strips, LEDs are used, creating a frameless light source. All models are available in three different versions corresponding to mirror furniture. The comfort version of the mirror element is also available with heating, which prevents fogging.

Step by step, technology continues to play a greater role in the healthcare industry, in designing products to make the bathroom more comfortable and safe. When it comes to high-tech materials like  DuraCeram® , a new raw material to create finer shapes, with greater resistance and stylish accents in bathroom design. Other material,  DuraSolid ®It is made up primarily of natural minerals, resin as a binder, and color pigments. In this way, a bathtub body without joints and visible joints is created, which due to its material structure has a matt surface and a satin finish, providing an extremely warm and soft appearance. As an exclusive option, the discreet air hydromassage system and / or the integrated sound system that is controlled by a Bluetooth compatible device can be integrated. Another sculptural design with space for two people,  Paiova 5 ,  an exceptional bathtub because it guarantees a comfortable and pleasant experience that is equipped with the new Combi – L hydromassage system.  makes it very luxurious. The nice, flat jets move the massage jet vertically up and down along the back muscles. In addition, the entrance to the bathtub is slightly reduced to a total height of 580 mm instead of the usual 600 mm. The narrow edge of the bathtub lends itself to hold on. At the rear, towards the wall, a wide edge offers a surface for depositing bathroom utensils. And continuing with the evolution of the bathroom, we would highlight the new “ c-bonded” solution ,  a new technique that seamlessly fuses  ceramic and furniture in a single unit. The thickness of the sink material becomes invisible and is reduced to a precise edge that produces a unique visual as well as hygienic sensation.

In the selection of faucets, the new C.1 design line  perfectly reflects the Duravit design language. The ergonomically shaped lever with a slit at the bottom provides a comfortable feel and precise handling. The studied details, such as a minimized joint between the base body and the lever, also guarantee a unique appearance. A taps with four different heights for sinks with different measures, an American faucet in two heights and a wall-mounted faucet with two-size spouts offer, apart from an optimal design, maximum comfort in the toilet. The C.1 line also offers an optimal faucet solution in all other areas of the bathroom, such as bidets, showers and bathtubs.

All this, with a simple design, clear shapes, with new materials, the expression of technology has been and will continue to be the main objective of Duravit to continue creating trends with original products that dominate quality, design and innovative technology that optimizes comfort.

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