Hikvision launches new ITS camera for improvement of road safety and traffic flow

February 4, 2021 – Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, today announced its latest traffic product offering – the All-Rounder ITS camera – designed to improve road safety and optimize traffic flow. As the name implies, the camera encompasses different skills and abilities, boasting speed detection, traffic violation detection, automated plate recognition, and vehicle attribute analysis in one housing.

“Hikvision is always pushing the boundaries of video technologies. Beyond the visual range that is perceived by video cameras, the abilities to understand other kinds of “senses” would allow even more precise monitoring and reporting of events or accidents,” says Frank Zhang, President of International Product and Solution Center at Hikvision. “This is multi-dimensional perception, a trend that we think will affect the security industry in the future.”

The new ITS camera is designed and developed with this multi-dimensional concept in mind. It is Hikvision’s first camera to integrate three otherwise separate modules in one unit with no compromise on performance, making the camera neat and flexible to be deployed for demanding environments, all in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Improving road safety and optimizing traffic flow

The product provides an HD camera, speed radar, and light array inside one housing. Specifically, it works with a multi-tracking radar that continuously monitors up to two or three traffic lanes – depending on the camera model, and identifies the speed and position of objects in the monitored area at a speed of up to 300 km/h. If a vehicle violates the speed limit, the embedded radar triggers the connected camera and a picture is taken of the vehicle and its license plate.

In the event of infringements of traffic rules such as wrong-way driving, improper lane usage, or even failure to use a seat belt, the camera will capture images of the corresponding vehicle, recognize its license plate and relevant information including vehicle type, color, brand, and direction of movement, which can be addressed to the authorities in real-time or stored on board.

Incident detection helps to improve overall driving standards, which ultimately reduces the number of accidents, improves road safety and further evens traffic flow.

Inside the camera

Employed with Deep Learning algorithms, the camera is able to recognize a much higher number of license plates and with higher efficiency than conventional ANPR systems. Its GMOS sensor further ensures brighter and smoother images to be reproduced in challenging lighting conditions, especially in low-light environments.

The camera’s embedded supplemental light features a 16-bead light array, offering an IR range of up to 40 meters at night.

As all of these functionalities are integrated, the single product itself outperforms conventional ITS products with space-saving and less cabling for easier installation. It supports flexible pole- or side-mounting, which makes onsite configuration effortless.

The Hikvision All-Rounder ITS camera is ideal for various scenes such as urban roads, highways, tunnels and toll stations. For more information, please visit product page at iDS-TCV907-BIR.

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Hikvision wins CCTV Product of the Year for fifth consecutive year in PSI Premier Awards

Hikvision has won PSI magazine’s CCTV Product of the Year award for its PanoVu panoramic camera series in the 2020 PSI Premier Awards. It is the fifth year running that Hikvision has won the prestigious reader-voted CCTV Product of the Year prize.

Hikvision’s PanoVu series cameras capture excellent panoramic images as well as close-up images to provide both a full scene overview and fine zoomable detail. The panoramic images are captured by multiple sensors, rendering 180° or 360° imaging with real-time ultra-HD resolution. The integrated design of panoramic and PTZ cameras offers fast detail positioning over panoramic areas.

DarkFighter ultra low-light technology allows PanoVu cameras to perform excellently in poorly-lit environments, and with advanced video analysis and multiple target tracking algorithm, the PanoVu cameras also feature a wide range of smart functions in panoramic mode, including intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and region entrance and exiting detection.

The PSI Premier Awards are run by PSI magazine and voted for by readers. The awards recognise innovation and the highest achievers the security industry has to offer.

Justin Hollis, Hikvision UK & Ireland Marketing Director, said the company was delighted once again to receive the CCTV Product of the Year award from PSI. “There’s a special thrill in winning an award that is voted on by PSI magazine’s readers, as they are the people working with and installing these products on projects every day of the year,” he said. “For Hikvision to win our fifth consecutive CCTV Product of the Year award PSI is a real credit to our product teams and shows our genuine commitment to innovation and quality.”

Hikvision releases new ColorVu offerings now with 4K and varifocal options

October 15, 2020 – Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, released new ColorVu offerings for more vivid 24/7 colorful imaging, and has first included 4K and varifocal cameras in the full-color range.

In video security, color-related information is crucial to identifying details of events especially at night. Conventional cameras with infrared lighting only provide black and white images for night monitoring. As a result, people, vehicles, or other important objects can easily be blurry and blend into the background, which makes it difficult to distinguish critical elements. Hikvision ColorVu technology resolves this common challenge faced by many security camera users, enabling cameras to produce colorful videos even in extremely dim environments.

“Since 2018 when we introduced the first generation of ColorVu cameras to the market, they have been one of our best selling products. The demand for low-light cameras continues to increase in the security industry, and we’re glad to see that our new ColorVu offerings can bring even more vivid imaging experience to our customers,” said Frank Zhang, President of International Product and Solution Center at Hikvision.

Enriched ColorVu options with 4K and varifocal cameras

The newly released ColorVu cameras offer enriched options to the market with having covered both Turbo HD  (DF8T series/DF3T series/DF0T series) and Network products. The enriched ColorVu series can satisfy a multitude of customer needs, from high performance products to budget friendly choices and smart solutions.

Hikvision has now included 4K ColorVu cameras in its product range, which brings color imaging to ultra-high-definition levels day and night. With better image quality and richer detail, 4K ColorVu cameras can be applied across an even wider range of scenarios including stadiums, airports, harbors, and parking lots, where clear and high-resolution images are necessary.

In addition, Hikvision has also added varifocal cameras (the DF8T-Z series) to the new ColorVu models to create 24/7 color imaging in all focal lengths. With 2.8 – 12 mm motorized lenses, ColorVu varifocal cameras will allow users to zoom in on colorful images at night.

Enhanced colorful imaging with AA manufacturing technology

The new released ColorVu cameras lenses have kept the F1.0 super-aperture design, allowing four times more light to enter the lens than conventional cameras (that have F2.0). Focusing high definition cameras with large F1.0 apertures is extremely technically for the industry, requiring very strict and accurate manufacturing. Hikvision has applied its advanced Active Alignment (AA) Technology in the production of ColorVu cameras to bring the adjustment accuracy to within 4 pixels, even smaller than 1/30 hair diameter.

Meanwhile, with optimized sensors, night time color imaging of ColorVu cameras renders much more brightly than conventional cameras. A new 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) algorithm helps the cameras record additional remote details clearly and deliver sharper images. In addition, ColorVu cameras are equipped with a soft and warm supplemental light that illuminates to guarantee color imaging even in zero-light environments.

Quick target search with AcuSense technology

Most security camera users only need to focus on alarms triggered by human and vehicles, especially at night. These newly released ColorVu cameras can integrate Hikvision’s cutting-edge AcuSense technology to help users focus only on events that matter to security. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, ColorVu cameras can distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects such as rain, leaves and animals. Alarms will only be triggered when the pre-set intrusion type takes place. With this solution, video clips are sorted by human and vehicle categories, and object classification vastly improves search efficiency.

Find out more

To find out more about Hikvision ColorVu Technology and Products, please visit here.

CORRECTION: The expression of “ColorVu 2.0 cameras” in an earlier version of the article has been adjusted as “new ColorVu offerings”.