Joining an elite group of lighting fixtures in the design industry, the luxury automaker was selected to contribute a set of design concept drawings to the prestigious Document Journal portfolio.

For issue 15 of Document Journal, the art and fashion magazine invited a selection of the most attractive architects and designers in culture to find their inner Major Toms and imagine human life on the moon for The Lunar Design Portfolio. How will we live? What will it look like? What will we wear? What will we handle?


ED2, the European advanced design studio for Toyota and Lexus dedicated to advanced concept proposals and innovative design, was selected to contribute a lunar mobility concept. Based on the newly launched LF-30 Future Concept vehicle, the studio created a series of 7 concepts from 5 different designers, a complete line of space vehicles ready to tackle the lunar landscape.

“When Document Journal approached us about the Lunar Design Portfolio, our team was working on the LF-30 Concept, which represents the” Lexus Electrified “futuristic vision for Lexus. The design team was already looking beyond short-term production and anticipating how advanced technology will change the way we interact with vehicles, “said Ian Cartabiano, president of ED2. “The lunar project came at the right time, halfway through the development of the LF-30. It gave the team a chance to dream further and then apply some of the LF-30’s interior design language to their lunar proposals. ”

Zero Gravity, the concept sketch selected to appear in the print edition of the magazine, is a single-driver vehicle that evolves the LF-30’s “Lexus Electrified” vision to incorporate magnetic levitation technology. The design reinterprets the Lexus axle grille and uses the riding style of the motorcycle to employ the new concept of Tazuna (which means “reins” in Japanese): the fundamental philosophy centered on the human being. Inspired by how a single rein can be used to achieve mutual understanding between horse and rider, the steering control provides active driving enjoyment created by direct human-machine communication.

Lexus Lunar, by Yung Presciutti

Lexus Lunar is a mass transit vehicle designed to safely explore and discover the moon. The vehicle is divided into two parts: the lower part consists of a platform with 6 sturdy wheels to give you the freedom to go wherever you want. The upper part contains the living room. The two components of the vehicle can also be split, with the top parting apart to create the start of a lunar colony.

About the Document Journal

Launched in 2012, Document is a unique biannual magazine of American and global culture featuring the leading voices in arts and letters. Editors toured the world to select the most compelling and visionary thinkers and designers to participate in the Lunar Design Project. Complementing Lexus’ revolutionary and futuristic designs, Document invited leading architects Shohei Shigematsu of OMA, Dan Wood and Amale Andaos of WORKac, Kulapat Yantrasast of wHY, and Lyondon Neri and Rossana Hu to imagine the built lunar world. it resulted in a stimulating collection of practical and esoteric approaches; Inspired by the potential illumination found in the release of gravity, artist Mariko Mori presented an original ethereal work; the industrial design frog and Nike contributed ideas for revolutionary consumer goods; Prominent writer and sociologist Steve Fuller, author of Humans 2.0, explored the historical, social, and philosophical implications of a lunar colony; and world-class DJ Honey Dijon created the soundscape through an exclusive playlist. Issue 15 of the document also features Booker Prize-winning author Marlon James and Queen & Slim star Daniel Kaluuya in a conversation about creating a black mythology; cultural critic Roxane Gay, women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred and writer Siri Hustvedt on a reinvention of the law according to women; and an intimate and playful feature about the innovative musician King Princess in conversation with Mj Rodriguez,

Additional Design Concepts of the Lunar Design Portfolio:

OMA (architecture) – Orbit City

frog (industrial design) – LEAP Scooters; BLAST MAX

wHY (architecture) – Transcending Gravity

Mariko Mori (art) – Radiant Being I

Nike Design Team (footwear design) – Nike

Steve Fuller (sociology) –­ The Moon as Hotel California

Neri&Hu (architecture) – The Mooncake Longing for a Home It Never Knew

WORKac (architecture) –  WORKac

DJ Honey Dijon (music) – Lunar Playlist