New propulsion system for electric vehicles: motor, inverter and transmission

Swindon Powertrain has opened pre-orders for the HPD electric vehicle propulsion system, which will cost, in its simplest version, 7,100 euros and will start delivery in August this year.

New HPD Swindon Powertrain high power electric drive system.

The British company Swindon Powertrain has opened the firm order book for its new HPD electric vehicle propulsion system, the first deliveries of which will take place in August. The official price for the 80 kW (107 hp) power unit is 6,400 pounds (approximately 7,100 euros). It includes the motor and the inverter with different options for cooling, wiring of up to one meter and a transmission with a speed to which a limited slip differential can be added.

The company claims to have refined and improved the specifications of the system presented in October 2019 developed for B-segment models, small-size commercial vehicles, classics and recreational vehicles. Its compact design responds to the needs of different companies in the transport sector. Among them are small manufacturers that do not have the possibility to invest in the development of electric drive systems for their electric passenger and commercial vehicles. It can also be indicated for use in small-scale classic vehicle and recreational vehicle conversions.

The powertrain consists of a brushless, permanent magnet electric motor, which is supplied by iNetic. The nominal power it is capable of producing is 80 kW (107 hp) when continuous operation is required of it. Both the motor and the inverter have been chosen from those available on the market for being extremely small and light. It rotates at 8,000 rpm offering a maximum torque of 1,565 Nm, although this characteristic depends on the inverter chosen.

The size of the box in which it is integrated is now 441 mm x 384 mm x 228 mm and weighs 49.9 kilograms, compared to 600 mm x 440 mm x 280 mm high and 70 kilograms of unit weight prototype from six months ago. These measures make it the propulsion unit with the highest power-volume ratio that can be used in electric vehicles. In its casing it has multiple installation points and the ability to locate the inverter and the cooling system separately, making it flexible to adapt to a wide range of vehicles.

Swindon Powertrain offers two options for the inverter, depending on the voltage of the battery to which it is connected, although there is also the possibility that each client may use their own. It also makes available to its customers an online calculator, free to use, which allows calculating the transmission ratio based on the size of the tire and the maximum speed at which you want to limit the vehicle.

According to Swindon Powertrain, in the weeks after the HPD high-power system was unveiled, the company received more than 400 requests for information, with advance reservations based on prototype information, which has since been significantly improved. Several manufacturers announced their commitment to the development of R&D projects based on it.