Most robotic pets focus on being “cute”. Cicco’s Gaetano Dog-Bot concept focuses on functionality.

The Turin-based designer chose Samsung as the corporate endorsement for the faceless android canine, which has an interactive display for a “face,” which transmits information through simple graphics such as exclamation points, dots, and lights.

Samsung Dog-bot Concept, futuristic surveillance smart mascot

Renders show that he identifies and chases a ball; We figured it would be even more useful for scouring the grounds, identifying intruders, and other potential threats.

Cicco’s futuristic  Samsung  Dog-Bot  by Gaetano  expresses emotions on the screen with question or exclamation marks. 

While other smart domestic pets are designed to create an emotional bond with their owners, the Samsung Dog-bot clearly takes on an uncomfortable cyborg look and prioritizes its functionality as an outdoor surveillance dog.

futuristic surveillance smart samsung mascot visualized by gaetano de cicco6