Sony announced the new  ZV-1 pocket vlogger camera  (“ZV-1” hereafter), a lightweight, compact, all-in-one solution. Designed for content creators and  vloggers , the ZV-1 combines easy-to-use features and technology.


SONY ZV-1 compact camera for video blogging

“Currently there is a segment that we have been listening to, from professionals or those who are starting out in the creation of audiovisual content and need to do it in a simple, fast way, guaranteeing excellent quality in video, image and audio,”  said Angelo. Marconi, Digital Image Manager for Latin America. “Sony has created this camera with vloggers in mind and how to do their work more professionally, so the ZV-1 has an innovative design that integrates various and advanced technologies that will allow them to produce high-quality materials through their different configurations and modes ”.

Content creation

Control focus:  Quick swap between foreground (Bokeh background) and depth of field

Located on top of the camera, the dedicated Bokeh button is easy to access and makes taking selfies easy. With the use of the new Bokeh Switch function, the user can quickly adjust the optical aperture between more or less blurred background.

Product Reviews

For product reviews and similar video content, the new Product Showcase feature enables quick focus transitions between the subject’s face and the object in front of the lens.

Face prioritization

Extreme changes in lighting, such as taking a walk on a sunny day or suddenly changing from a bright location to a shady one, can be managed through the Face Priority auto-exposure (AE) function, which detects and prioritizes the face of the individual and adjusts the exposure to make sure the face is always displayed at an ideal level.

To enhance the emphasis on the subject’s face, especially when recording in selfie mode  , the ZV-1 creates a smooth and natural mix, maintaining sharp images of the mouth and eyes in both video and still images.


The ZV-1 features Sony’s latest 3-capsule directional microphone that was designed to capture audio forward, allowing clear capture of the subject’s voice while minimizing background noise, especially when operating in selfie mode  . For added flexibility, the ZV-1 also features a standard 35mm (3.5mm) microphone input and Multi Interface Shoe ™ (MI adapter) connectivity allowing you to connect a wide variety of external microphones. It comes integrated with a wind filter that goes into the MI adapter to minimize wind interference.

Design and functionality

This compact and lightweight camera (approximately 294g / 105.5mm x 60.0mm x 43.5mm) is Sony’s first compact device with a side-opening Vari-angle LCD screen, allowing creators to simplify their setup by using the adapter. MI for optional external microphones without the need to add a stand. The above along with the new grip design and the recording video notification front light.

The ZV-1 camera also includes advancements in image stabilization when walking. When shooting with Optical SteadyShot Active mode in HD, the optical and electronic methods are combined to reduce vibration up to 11 times and in 4K video, there is improvement in the stabilization effect of up to 8 times compared to the standard SteadyShot ™ function , respectively.

Live broadcast with ZV-1

The ZV-1 can be transformed into a webcam when connected to a PC via USB, allowing content creators to interact with their followers in real time. Sony’s new PC software will be available in July 2020.

Accessories for vloggers

Sony highlights that, by purchasing separately, the GP-VPT2BT recording  medium  with wireless remote control increases stability, which together with the external stereo microphone  ECM-XYST1M , guarantee a complete experience for content creators.

Class leading AV features

Despite being a small device, it has a multitude of capabilities for creating professional-level videos, including:

· 4K video recording with full pixel readout and zero pixel grouping in high bitrate XAVC S ™ codec.

·         Formato Hybrid Log-Gamma (HDR) / S-Gamut3.Cine / S-Log3, S-Gamut3 / S-Log3

Interval shooting to take stunning time lapse videos

· Super slow motion recording up to 960 cps

· Movie Editadd-on support from the “Imaging Edge ™” mobile app for image stabilization while editing Emphasize ability to edit aspect ratios for IG, etc.

Price and availability

Sony’s digital video camera for youtubers and vloggers, ZV-1, will be available in Colombia in June 2020 at a price of approximately $ 799.